Property Management

Turnbull Real Estate provides full-service commercial property management to Northeastern communities including commercial office buildings, new building development and retail space.


We are a regional provider of commercial real estate brokerage services with access to hundreds of commercial real estate listings across the Northeastern United States, currently licensed in NJ and PA.

Construction Management

Turnbull assists in Construction Management services through partnership with several CM companies in the tristate area. Typically this service is mainly referral based for large construction or renovation projects…

Mission Statement

Turnbull Real Estate exists as a commercial brokerage and property management company with an overall goal of improving the communities we do business in through excellent service. Our different platform begins with applying Institutional logic, meaning companies are more than just an entities designed to generate money. Turnbull by design exists also to accomplish societal purpose. By having a purpose of providing transparent “white glove” service to our clients, we improve the working and living atmosphere in the facilities we serve. At Turnbull, we feel that aligning our corporate objectives with social values is a paramount business attribute equally as important as financial logic. Through application of both Institutional Logic and economical logic, the ultimate goal of creating an enduring company can be achieved.

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